Matron Of Honor

Matron of Honor Speech - Where to Probe for Direction

Has your Matron of Honor speech stagnated?

Quickly recognizing what to incorporate in a wedding speech and how to put across your feelings toward the bride and groom in that speech can be a hard task to manage. If you will be giving the Maid / Matron of Honor speech you obviously have made a great impact on newlyweds lives, particularly the bride, in some form or another. What most of us fail to appreciate is that there are people and sources out there that we can look to for wedding speech advice. It need not be a huge and worrisome task to be handled by your lonesome.

Every person wants to fashion the ideal speech that will have the audience awestruck and the bride and groom remembering it as an inspirational addition to their wedding. Whether you know what you would like to say and don’t know how to express it, or you do not even know what to say, you do not have to be alone on this one. There are a number of fantastic sources and people to look to for instruction from.

The Maid of Honor / Matron of Honor’s primary source to look for help is from family members, yours and the brides if possible. Probe them on particular subject matters and seek their opinion on how you should or might vary your speech’s wording for different thoughts and moods. Ask them which anecdotes and stories would be best to include and whether or not placing humor at particular points, possibly in the form of jokes, would be deemed suitable or inappropriate. A real positive of turning to family members is that you know they will be upfront with you and more often than not, give you their sometimes brutally honest points of view. As long as this doesn’t cause family feuds, this sort of constructive criticism is gold to a Maid / Matron of Honor.

As well as family members, friends and close acquaintances can also be very obliging on the help front. What you may find is the bride’s (or groom’s) friends, whether mutual or not, can help trigger in your own extra special moments long forgotten. Those memories could include snippets in time that a circle of friends shared together, or a special thing the bride or groom did for you in the past. Sometimes even the slightest of details in your Maid of Honor / Matron of Honor speech can help make it as warm and as personal as possible. Audiences lap this up.

If you are having difficulty knowing where you should situate various words and thoughts in the speech and when and where you should say a joke, as opposed to saying something more of a sincere nature, then look at professionally written sample speeches on the internet. You can also easily find hundreds of thousands of sample speeches allowing you to compare your notes with, if you have a few days or weeks to filter the good from the shocking of course. As long as you are using freely available sample speeches as a very basic guide and do not copy them yourself, you should be all right.

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The final and probably the most qualitative place to seek and find Maid of Honor/ Matron of Honor wedding speech advice is in a proprietary e-book informational product or wedding books, guides and magazines in bookstores or online. While cheap or even free can rarely be considered good, these professional quality publications are often beyond good. They are pretty much in another league altogether. A league more attuned to newlyweds most special of days. In addition, professional wedding speech publications can and will save you days of time. Nobody wants to scour the web for hours to piece together incomplete wedding speech samples, scraps and tempters. It causes confusion and procrastination with the associated brain overload from filtering all the disorganized re-hashed garbage out there. Time (and timing) is of the essence with speech writing and you need quality as soon as possible so you can do all the other important tasks and duties expected of a responsible Maid/Matron of Honor. Quality guides are there to help you make things simple and easy. To take the guesswork out of constructing your speech. They act as definitive guides for navigating each step of writing your wedding speech. From simple thought progression, to writing your initial outline, to practicing the final draft immediately prior to the wedding, these templates, e-books and information products can help you create the perfect speech. Guaranteed!

There is no reason why you need to be confused and alone when crafting your wedding speech. There are masses of sources, experts and  professionals ready and willing to supply you with proven wedding speech advice that works. Remember the tips mentioned on this page when the time arrives for you to write your own speech. Good Luck!

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